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Zagreb Salon - photographic contest

The last day for sending photos to the competition: 12.09.2018.

Closing Date has expired

Judging and choice of best photos: 29.09.2018.

Report of the competition results: 12.10.2018

Opening of the exhibition and the award ceremony will be held at the Mimara Museum, Roosevelt Square 5, Zagreb: 21.11.2018. 7:00 PM
Exhibition stays open till 02.12.2018.
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Sending awards and printed catalogue: 10.12.2018.


38th Zagreb salon - International Exhibition of Photography 2018.

Conditions and regulations - PDF version



Zagreb Salon is international contest of art photography organized by Fotoklub Zagreb, Croatia. 38th Zagreb Salon will be conducted in accordance with the requirements and practices of The Photographic Society of America (PSA), and in accordance to the regulations of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)


- The salon is open to amateur and professional photographers from all over the world.
- Entrants must be authors of the works they submit. The exhibition assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright.
- All parts of the image have to be photographed by the author who is holding the copyright of all works submitted.
- Each photo can be presented in only one section.
- The exhibition is open to anyone; however, an entry may be rejected when the sponsoring organization or its agent, in its reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to exhibition rules and conditions.
- Entries are limited to not more than 4 images per section, category, or class.
An entrant’s four images will be distributed throughout four rounds of judging in that section.
- There are no restrictions as to subject matter except as outlined in the rules and definitions of specific sections, or specified by law in the country where the exhibition is held.
- Entries must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his own (aliases are not permitted). The entrant permits the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low resolution posting on a website. Note: Entrants who indicate that their images may not be reproduced or used “will not be eligible for awards” or inclusion in audio-visuals of the exhibition “and could be subject to disqualification” by the exhibition sponsors.
- Each image must have a unique title. Once an image has been accepted in a PSA Recognized exhibition, that same image, or a like “in camera” or a “reproduction” duplicate of that image: i. May not be re-entered in any section of the same Division Star Ratings class in that exhibition regardless of media, format, or title. ii. May not be re-titled for entry in any other PSA Recognized exhibition.
Words such as “Untitled” and “No Title” are not acceptable as part or all of an image’s title, nor are camera capture filenames. - No title or identification of the maker shall be visible anywhere on the face of an image, print mat or mount entered in a PSA Recognized exhibition.
- No requirements for file names, file name should be as you would want it to appear in the catalogue.
- The organizer can use the exhibited works for reproduction in the catalogue and for promotion of Zagreb Salon without paying any author's fee.


- There are 4 sections, all digital:

A) OPEN COLOR (color digital) PSA PID COLOR
C) STREET (color/monochrome digital) PSA PID COLOR
D) PORTRAIT (color/monochrome digital) PSA PID COLOR
Monochrome images may not be entered in PID Color sections.

i. Acceptances in PID recognized Color sections shall be credited towards PID Color Star Ratings and Who’s Who Color listings.
ii. Acceptances in PID recognized Monochrome sections shall be credited towards PID Monochrome Star Ratings and Who’s Who Monochrome listings.
iii. All acceptance eligibility shall be in accordance with the PID Star Ratings or the Galaxy/Diamond Ratings requirements as appropriate.


- Uploading will be through our web site: (Entry form filled online).
- Photos must be in JPG file format, maximum allowed size for the pictures 3000 pixels horizontal, 2000 pixels vertical, 300 dpi, maximum 3MB.
- Images will be judged with 4K TV.
- Photos selected for the exhibition will be printed by the organizer.


20 € for all 4 sections
15 € for early bird and for groups of more than 10 authors
The fee can be paid:
- via PayPal
- by bank transfer for Croatian entrant:
120 kn, and 80 kn for Fotoklub Zagreb members
- Participation fee is mandatory for all participants.


PSA Definition of a Monochrome image for monochrome sections recognized by the PSA Projected Image Division
-An image is considered to be Monochrome only if it gives the impression of having no color (i.e. contains only shades of gray which can include pure black and pure white) or it gives the impression of being a grayscale image that has been toned in one color across the entire image. (For example by Sepia, red, gold, etc.)
-A greyscale or multi-colored image modified or giving the impression of having been modified by partial toning, multi-toning or by the inclusion of spot coloring does not meet the definition of monochrome and shall be classified as a Color Work.

FIAP definition of the black and white photography (monochrome)
-A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with the various shades of grey. A black and white work toned entirely in a single color will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black and white category; such a work can be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage. On the other hand a black and white work modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one color becomes a color work (polychrome) to stand in the color category; such a work requires color reproduction in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage.
-With the sole act of submitting his/her images or files to a salon under FIAP Patronage, the entrant accepts without exception and with no objection that the submitted images can be investigated by FIAP to establish if these obey to FIAP regulations and definitions even if the entrant is not a member of FIAP; that FIAP will use any means at its disposal for this undertaking; that any refusal to cooperate with FIAP or any refusal to submit the original files as captured by the camera, or failure to provide sufficient evidence, will be sanctioned by FIAP and that in case of sanctions following the noncompliance with FIAP regulations, the name of the entrant will be released in any form useful to inform the breaches of the rules. It is recommended to leave the EXIF data in the submitted fi les intact in order to ease eventual investigations.”

All entries shall conform to the stricter of these definitions for acceptances to be validated by all the International Organizations granting recognition or patronage.

License agreement:
By submitting an entry, the entrant certifies legal Age, and own all rights to these images, including copyright or parents or guardians gives permission on his/her behalf if he/she is not of Legal Age. The exhibition assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright.

Information and contact:
Salon chairman Hrvoje Mahovic


All participants will receive report card notifications via e-mail. The results of the judging will also be published on our website
-All participants of the competition will receive a free copy of the printed catalogue.

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Member Bio image

Petar Sabol Sharpeye

Petar Sabol „Sharpeye“ was born in 1981 in town Čakovec, Republic of Croatia, Europe. He started his photography work in 2007. In the same year he joined the Photo Club Čakovec and became its active member. From the very beginning of his photographic work he was fascinated with nature and its beauty, especially in the area of macro photography. In addition he professionally photographed events (weddings, various celebrations and public events). His photographic images display and evoke moments in the life of nature that most people find difficult or almost impossible to see in reality because of constant and increasing human alienation from nature. Thanks to devoted and very systematic work, he captures incredible shots in which the main compositional ingredient is beautiful natural light. By idealizing beauty of nature, he stands on his solid positive attitude towards the beauty and wonders of nature. Since the beginning of 2012 to date, he has participated in many international exhibitions of artistic photography under high patronage of FIAP (Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique) for 317 times. He has won 359 times (186 medals and 173 honorable mentions for 95 different art works) in more than 30 countries. He also participated in international exhibitions under the patronage of the PSA (Photographic Society of America) where he is also rewarded many times. He has been awarded in other specialized photographic competitions around the world. The total number of awards is almost 500. He won the 1st prize at 1x Photo Awards 2015. He holds honorary photographic titles EFIAP/gold and EPSA. His famous photo "Natural abstract" has been awarded with the FIAP gold medal in the macro category at the 7th Salon of photography in the United Arab Emirates 2012/116 and permanently stored at the National Library in Paris. This photo was among the top 10 on the Sony World Photography Awards. At that competition he was the winner in the category of National Award 2016 with photo 'Kingfisher in action', where he was also placed in the top 50 with another of his photo. He repeated same success second year in row where he won first place with his photo 'Swirl'. On he won the first prize in the category of macro with photograph “Only love matters” in 2014. Five years in a row, he was awarded on the American National Insect Salon under the patronage of the PSA. He is a winner of the gold medal for the best PSA author of salon twice. He won the first and second prize in 2014 at the National Insect Week in England, which is held biennially. In less than four years, Petar Sabol became the most awarded Croatian photographer. His work has been published in many journals (Mirror, Telegraph, The Sun, The Dailymail, Meridians). So far he held four solo exhibitions. At the end of 2014 in Zagreb presented his first solo exhibition Butterflies. The second solo exhibition Kingfisher held in April 2016 in Negova in Slovenia under the high patronage of FIAP, in one of six world-renowned exhibition centers of FIAP. The third solo exhibition Kingfisher presented in Bor, Serbia, early October 2016. Fourth solo exhibition ‘Creative macrophotography’ was held in Karlovac city, in aquarium Institute Aquatika, September 2017. He is a member of the jury in international exhibitions and photographic competitions and Sony ambassador of Croatia. web:
Member Bio image

Andreja Ravnak

Born on 155th day of the year, when Nasa published the mysterious photo of face on Mars, I was connected to creativity from early childhood. I spent my free time drawing, painting, designing, discovering nature and science. I could never satisfy enough all my curiosity and it was a rather difficult decision to choose one study, one proffession only. I turned up an architect, which is a fusion of creativity, technology and psychology. I have worked in several architectural bureaus, building schools, markets, blocks etc. Due to economic crisis I also started working in tourism and I never say no to design and photography. Photography has always been an important part of me, at first especially for one reason: those frozen moments make me remember the flow and details of my life. I always loved to explore nature and travel, so I gradually and spontaneously developped a feeling for photographic expression. A few years ago I got hit by the fact, that I actually see my inner and outer world as frames or pictures. That, somehow turned my photographic way in my present direction. I joined the photographic club »Društvo fotografov SVIT Celje« in december 2008 and my photographic path grew really rapidly since then. So far I had several solo exhibitions and joined some group exhibitions abroad and I also organised some local photographic projects. I earned photographic titles KMF FZS (master candidate in Slovenian photographic society) and EFIAP/p (excellence FIAP platinum). I won quite some international photographic awards and my favourite is 1st place individuals at FIAP world cup Paris in 2010. Recently I was invited to the jury in several national and international photographic exhibitions in Slovenia, Serbia, Norway and now also Croatia. I love to experiment and try new ways of expression, I have a lot of ideas on my mind, but the duties of life leave me not much time for photographic projects, which basically remain my love and my food for soul in my spare time. Need I say, that I would really like to contribute to a better world with my expressions once, so I think there is really a lot more to do in the future. I also love to work with young photographers and encourage their creativity and individual views. You can follow some of my work on my webpage
Member Bio image

Miljenko Marotti

Prof. dr sc.Miljenko Marotti, university professor, has been actively exibiting since 2002. He holds the rank EFIAP/PLATINUM and Master of Photography I class of Croatian Photographic Union. He was awarded The Tošo Dabac Award. He has held 30 exibitions and more than 50 joint exibitions. More than 700 of his photographs have been accepted 1750 times at FIAP, PSA and UPI salons where he has won 90 awards. His photo Fist was published in the book Die Besten Tierfotos der Welt. His photographs comprise abot 30 cycles. His interests in photography include life photography, architecture, nature, portraits and digitally modify photography.


"I like Zagreb Salon because it is one of the oldes photography salons in the world!"

Mike, USA

"I'd love with my words to thank all the people that voted for me to the international photography competition 37 Zagreb salon 2016 than ive won the silver medal (PSA - photographic Society of America) to the category "open color". special thanks to Vera Juric for her invitation and her support!"

Ioannis Sidiropoulos, Greece

"Zagreb Salon je jedinstveni događaj u ovom dijelu Europe - šteta ga je propustiti kao natjecatelj!"

Alenka, Slovenija

"Bio mi je zadovoljstvo sudjelovati na tako važnom i velikom međunarodom natječaju"

Marta, Poland

"Prijaviti ću se i ove godine, jer je sve bilo iznimno dobro organizirano sa izuzetno kvalitetnim odabirom fotografija"

Siddharth, India

"Cijena je povoljna, žiriranje odlično, a sama izložba u Mimari je doživljaj za sebe - sigurno ću se opet prijaviti!"

Tamara, Cipar



blue badge for the best author of the salon


gold, silver and bronze medal, and 3 FIAP ribbons for each section



gold, silver and bronze medal and 3 PSA ribbons for each section


gold, silver and bronze medal and 3 Honorable mention for each section

Each author can receive only one award in each section.








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